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Together, LLC

Empowering children to trust their natural brilliance

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This year I will choose for my child…

  • enough TIME to be a child

  • a deeper CONNECTION to nature, the world, and other human beings

  • an EDUCATION that nurtures the WHOLE PERSON, including intellectual, social, emotional, physical, artistic and inner GROWTH

  • true COMMUNITY where individuals are celebrated and seen

  • BALANCE and JOY in learning, working, playing and family life

  • SPACE to just be and explore and unleash endless CURIOSITY and CREATIVITY


In 2014 I made these resolutions for my child in selecting an organic educational path and never looked back.  Today I am pleased to offer the same choice to more families in central Minnesota through SHINE Together. 

SHINE Together is a tutoring service unlike any other.  Academic concepts are fully integrated into real-life experiences, offering a depth of learning unmatched by conventional education options.  Each child’s interests shape their educational path, with adult guidance and support along the way.  The rich learning environment provided at SHINE Together allows each individual to improve in challenge areas as well as fully cultivate unique strengths.    


Delve into the background, vision, culture, and research that shape SHINE Together.

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Explore our daily rhythms as well as indoor and outdoor spaces.

Prospective Families

Read testimonials and learn about options & fees plus homeschooling facts & myths.

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