Our indoor spaces are peaceful and inviting.  Windows cover the south-facing wall of the great room, allowing natural light to flow through the space.  Plants, stones, and other natural materials help connect us with the outer world.  Comfy couches, chairs, mats, and cushions allow us to settle in and relax.  Many furniture items are easily movable so the space readily adapts to our needs. 

Cubbies and shelves hold games, puzzles, craft & writing supplies, toys, science kits, mindbenders, and more.  Our library, a huge wall of bookshelves, offers hundreds of books for all ages to read during our time together or check out and take home.  Beautiful original artwork provides both respite and inspiration to our souls.  A variety of small musical instruments as well as a piano add joy to our space. 

A large stack of clipboards allows us to write or draw wherever we want.  They are used a lot during quiet time as we spread ourselves through the cozy corners of many rooms but also make it easy to take notes as we sit together in a circle to make plans, discuss challenges, and learn new concepts. 

At lunchtime we gather together around the large wooden table and watch birds, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and other wildlife as we eat and chat.  On lucky days we’ll spot a deer or two. 

Later, as our time wraps up, we all pitch in to tidy up the space, making it ready for us or other friends to SHINE Together tomorrow. 

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